Wedding Album anyone??

When i got married in 2006, wedding album was a necessity. There were no online gallery, photo sharing apps and the likes. I remember we used to go to studio to view final photos. And then we we would then make appointment to see photographer to choose photos to go into the wedding album. Facebook was still in the early days.

Let's go through 4 reasons why you should have a Wedding Album full of your favs wedding photos.

Family Legacy

We spend a lot of money to plan a wedding. And the wedding day would be gone just like that. Wedding Album is the best way to preserve the memory. Do you know that a good paper quality will last at least 100 years!. A good Wedding Album will pass down to generations! Your children and grand-children will thank you for it.

Beautiful Story

Remember when mum cries when you're walking on the aisle? It's a beautiful moment that you want to put in a Wedding Album. Wedding Album is a physical slideshow that you can share with everyone.

Back-Up of Your Memories

You have spent a lot of money to hire a good wedding photographer. You must have seen your digital photos many times. But, as a human being we need something that we can touch and feel. Photos are meant to be printed. There is nothing better than flicking through a Wedding Album. Brings back the old memory.

It looks good!!

Our album looks so good. Thick paper, Leather backing, 12x12inch Wedding Album size and comes with thick Glass cover. So you can show off your beautiful photos.

Our platinum packages come with a standard 12x12inch wedding album. Are you interested? Contact us!

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