By Alvin Ganny

It was in 2011 when I shot my very first wedding photography job. I had no idea what I was doing and I made so many mistakes. 

It hurt me so much and the result was I didn’t touch my camera and anything related to photography for about a year.

I’m not a people person. I’m more of a guy ‘who enjoys his privacy-leave me alone kinda guy’. Simply to say that I’m not built for wedding photography job!

I struggled a lot and had to fight my own demon. And NOW I can finally say that I've won that battle!.

If you're thinking about becoming a wedding photographer, here are some of the things I learned, in the hope that it will help other photographers who are just starting out.

1. The importance of a good attitude.

A good photographer's attitude is an essential part of the wedding photography process. We need to be flexible and accommodating, while being able to work with the couple’s wishes and ideas. As a photographer we should be able to handle the wedding day stress without it affecting the quality of our work, as well as to maintain a professional and calm demeanour. 

2. Being prepared for anything!

Being a wedding photographer is not an easy job. We need to be prepared for anything that can happen during the event and it's not always easy to predict. So it is important for us to be able to react quickly when something unexpected happens. 

3. Know your gears!

Know how to use your cameras, lenses and flashes. Know how to maximise your lenses and flashes. Latest gadget (cameras, lenses) will NOT make you a good photographer. A good photographer can take beautiful photos using standard camera.

And bring extra memory cards and batteries!!

4. The power of positive thinking.

This one is self explanatory. There is a lot negativity in this life. We need to switch off that negativity and turn it to positive.

5.The value of networking.

Make friends with other vendors in the industry. Help one another! Who knows? Maybe your next job will come from your friends in the same industry.

I'm not perfect! I keep learning and will never stop learning!.

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